What Deposit Method Should You Use

As soon as you’re signed up to your bookmakers of choice you’ll need to upload your funds to get gambling. This is also known as depositing, its pretty simple to do you just need to select you preferred deposit method. I’ve listed below a few different options that will be available to you.

With a number of methods that can be used however you shouldn’t rely on just one as certain bookmakers/casinos will only take certain methods as not every single one is available.

However a word of warning should you be based in a place where gambling is illegal both online & offline you’ll find it difficult to place funds into your account, not saying its impossible but It can be quite difficult.


Credit Cards & Debit Cards

Credit & debit cards are one of the most common ways of depositing money into your account its a lot like purchasing a product online you just need to fill out your card details and your deposit amount and away you go. The most common types of cards used to deposit money into casinos are a Visa & a Mastercard, you will also be able to withdraw any winnings directly back onto your card also.


Bank Transfer

Wire transfer is another deposit/withdrawal method this is where you the bettor would transfer money straight from your bank account to the bank account of the site you want to deposit into. However the downside to this is that your funds wont be available as quick as a card transfer so if you want to deposit and play quickly then I suggest you choose one of the other payment methods.



E-wallets are becoming ever more popular as time progresses and they become more secure than actual online banking itself. For instance paypal is one of the most widely accepted payment methods on the internet and is used by various shops and bookies. All you need to do is sign up for an ewallet whether it be paypal, skrill or neteller and then fill out your card details within the e-wallet. Once this has been completed all you need to do on the bookies is fill out your log in details and choose your deposit amount and away you go. It really is that simple when it comes down to it.


Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards and virtual credit cards are becoming ever more popular as theyre a great additional option for those of the public that don’t have access to their own credit card/e-wallet account. You can pick these cards up from your local shop once purchased a lot of these cards will allow you to deposit more funds into them at a later date meaning you can keep this separate from your bank account meaning you’ll be able to manage your betting budget much more efficiently.


Money Transfer Services

One of the lesser used payment methods is done by using money transferring services such as Western Union or Moneygram allowing you to deposit straight into their accounts. However its worth noting that this method has been in sharp decline since the coming about of e-wallets this is due to the complexity and time involved when moving your money so we would advise you to stay away from this method if you can.



This final method is definitely one of the least popular ways to get money into your bank account and that’s down to the sheer time it would take to deposit, you’ll just need to post a cheque to the address provided for the bookies and they will cash it in for you. This is without a doubt one of the most secure methods due to not having to share a single part of your banking details with anyone but like we’ve said this can be a very long process and only just a bit more secure than using a debit/credit card.


So there you have it, a list of all the banking methods available to you, the choice is yours we’d use a mix of two to make sure that you’re able to freely deposit where you choose.

Winning Big, Make Sure You’ve Got A Plan

How to plan ahead for a big jackpot win on the slots


Everyone who is anyone wants to win the jackpot while playing at a casino, who wouldn’t want vast sums of money for very little work and there is one thing that you’ll see time after time from the players who win these huge jack pots and that is that they will go broke pretty quickly trying to chase that same high again. However I don’t want that for you one of my readers so I will be showing you how to win big and make it last instead of just burning out quickly.


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So this is the low down on how this works out. Someone lets say he’s called john wins a huge amount at a casino and this is life changing for him but he’s never seen this much money in his life before and he believes that this will last forever as no matter what John buys it wont run out as they’re small in cost when in comparison to the overall sum of money. However all these little purchases begin to add up and as he begins to become accustomed to such a large amount of money he will begin to buy more and more expensive things and before you know it he’s back to what he was on originally, sad times right?

Winning Big

Well in order to prevent this kind of thing happening to you if you were ever to win big you should always plan out what would be good to do if this ever happened. Everyone has dreams but these dreams are only achieved when you’ve got the right plan in place. You should plan out how you would invest this money, im not saying stick it all in a bank and let the interest grow I’m talking meet up with professionals who will invest the money wisely for you meaning year on year you will begin to see a return to the point where you can make outlandish purchases without it affecting your bank balance too much. But don’t stop there you should try and spread the money as much as possible for example have shares, buy jewellery that will return and rent housing out so if one were to suffer you’d always have a back up in place to make money.


There is always a way to make sure your money is well looked after especially after winning a large sum of money and that is to hire an accountant to help you out with the day to day management of it, they’ll make sure that your money is moved to the right places and you’re making the most of it. Don’t forget to put some away just in case of emergencies you never know what might happen so a rainy day fund is always good.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Online Gambling

Advantages of Gambling Online

As the world becomes more technologically advanced traditional forms of gambling are steadily on the decline (apart from the likes of vegas) this is due to the sheer convenience there is when bettors can place a bet or play their favourite casino game straight from their mobile or desktop, you don’t even need to leave the house nowadays!

As its become more mainstream online bookies have begun to cater for more than just the regular punter offering both low minimum stakes for the beginner bettor allowing them to get to grips with the daunting world or betting or high stakes in order to attract the big bettors who will stake thousands on the outcome of one match/event. Another great advantage of online gambling is unlike store betting they can offer great welcome bonuses giving you an additional boost to your cash flow meaning you can win even more with a lower starting deposit.

So whether you’re an old fashioned bettor who likes to visit a shop or new to the game you need to get onto the online betting craze as you’ll be able to find a much bigger variation of sports to bet on with easy to decipher odds it really is much more convenient.

Downsides of Online Gambling

With everything that’s fun there are definitely a few downsides to online gambling that are worth a mention. With online gambling becoming more and more popular by the day a lot of rogue bookmakers have popped up who aren’t the most trustful of bookies and aren’t their to provide a fair betting environment, so be on point and make sure you only bet at trustworthy bookies, read reviews before depositing otherwise you might not get your winnings paid out. A lot of these types of sites don’t last long due to the gambling commission shutting them down but its always good to be cautious after all it is your own money.

A second downside is due to its incredible convenience its easy to get carried away chasing your losses, however if you’re responsible and plan out your bets in advance sticking to a budget set out then you should be okay. So stay careful and gamble responsibly there are plenty of resources out there should you find yourself getting into trouble and needing help.

Online gambling is something that is definitely not going to be going away quickly and is something that if you’ve got an interest in making money and having fun then you should definitely give a looking at. Just e careful and most of all have fun, winning money is just one of its happy byproducts.


Gambling Online, Should I?

Should You Gamble Online?

Gambling is one of the oldest methods of earning money and has been around since the dawn of human civilization, nowadays it is often looked down upon and seen as a seedy however as technology has increased its become more widespread and socially acceptable by the masses, lets face it everyone has a flutter here and there on events such as the grand national and if you gamble its definitely not something that you should be ashamed to do with well over a few million people in the UK who gamble thanks to modern advancements in mobile gambling its even easier to do than before.

If this is your first time placing a bet and you’re feeling a little confused as to what makes people want to bet well there’s one main reason and that’s money, with gambling you’ve got the chance to win big off a small amount there’s nothing else quite like it. However it doesn’t appeal to everyone more the risk takers in life.


Why Do People Gamble At All?

Bare in mind though that people don’t just gamble to make money, there are a variety of different reasons which motivate a person to take up gambling one of them being it’s a great way to make an event more interesting such as betting on the grand national which is without a doubt one of the busiest time of the year for online/offline bookmakers, it can really add a sense of excitement to even the most boring of events. And there isn’t just sports betting to take up, casinos are also a great past time with a wide array of skill based games for you to try you can definitely enjoy a night at the casino.


The second main reason as mentioned above and probably without a doubt the most important reason

Gamble-Onlinebehind anyone’s motivation to gamble is to try and make more money then what they start with. Lets face it who doesn’t enjoy the thrill of a win? It provides a buzz to anyone no matter how big or small that win is and we all like a little extra cash whether you win big or a small amount its great to come out on top. With full time gamblers its been said that they find the buzz they get from betting to be just as important to the player as winning money.